6th Saxon Automation Day – We are there

published on: 2021-06-14

Producing identical parts in large numbers on rigid systems was yesterday. Agile automation solutions are required today and tomorrow.

Our leader of Project Planning and Sales, Tobias Jordan, shows at the digital 6th Saxon Automation Day, how we approach this topic: with modular assembly systems that can be flexibly adapted to unit quantities, into which various technologies can be integrated as required, and product changes can be carried out with the minimum of effort.

Digital concepts support rapid setup and help in error analysis as well as maintenance and servicing.

Don’t miss: EKF Automation at the digital 6th Saxon Automation Day on July 6, 2021 from 14:00.

Registration at: https://www.vemas-sachsen.de/anmeldung-6-saechsischer-tag-der-automation.html