With the robot to the “House of Santa Claus”

published on: 2023-03-17

Probably has almost everyone tried to paint the “House of Santa Claus” in a train. Three students from the Martin-Andersen-Nexö-Gymnasium in Dresden have succeeded – but not with a pencil, they with a robot. During a science project week gained the eighth grade students helps from our experts form EKF Automation GmbH. Julia Heymann and Omar Khalil from EKF gave the students of the educational institution a theoretical and practical guidance with the in-depth mathematical and scientific knowledge. In a very short time, the young people learned to program the robot and successfully solve an interesting task.

Because they had still time for another exciting task, the students also programmed the puzzle “The Towers of Hanoi”.

We were very pleased with the young people’s open, curious and inquisitive approach to technology and hope that they will retain this motivation for their professional lives.

With the robot to the "House of Santa Claus”