Guest META-Network at EKF automation

published on: 2022-06-15

For the 4th workshop of the network “META – Manufacturing 4.0 through development and transfer of progressive automation solutions” we welcomed the other network partners to our company. Besides the presentation of EKF Automation in the meeting, during a guided tour through production and assembly, many other interesting talks and discussions characterized this workshop on “Robotics in production technology “.

With an overview presentation, Dr. Matthias Rehm from META Network Management categorized industrial robots in the context of production technology. Prof. Alexander Winkler from Mittweida University of Applied Sciences introduced the cobot session. He presented interesting approaches to the collaborative application spectrum of these systems and presented innovative, own solutions at a laboratory scale. Following this, Lukas Krettek from coboworx GmbH presented the planning of a palletizing system from the initial idea to the finished project.

On the subject of CNC robotics, Alexander Hoffmann from ARC Solutions GmbH presented ideas for double hybrid manufacturing with robots. Tilo Sigmund from ibs automation GmbH introduced the long-term experience in NC-controlled machining with robots from the perspective of a system provider. Sven Tauchmann from Siemens spoke about the data-driven commissioning of CNC robots.

Subsequently, the guests gained an insight into a completely different area. A guided tour through the exhibition “Homage to Freital’s Industrial History” and “Shadow Economy” at our site in the Freital Technology Center awakened many memories.

META Workshop